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Individuals who suffer mental and/or physical impairments may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. Gray, Earnest & Gray will help you find out if you can receive benefits and will walk you through the process to collect.

Many individuals who are entitled to Social Security benefits may have their claims denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA). By working with Gray, Earnest & Gray, you can help better ensure you get the benefits you are owed.

Determining Eligibility with the Help of a Kansas Social Security Disability Lawyer
The SSA engages in a five-step process to determine if an applicant is entitled to disability benefits. A Kansas Social Security disability attorney can explain to you the details of each step:

  1. Substantial Gainful Activity. The SSA will determine if you are able to engage in such activity.
  2. Severe Impairment. Your impairment must qualify as a severe medically determinable impairment. A Kansas Social Security disability attorney can help you review the specifics of your claim to see if your impairment qualifies.
  3. Listed Impairment. Along with being a severe impairment, the SSA will also check if your impairment meets or equals an impairment that is specified in the Social Security regulations.
  4. Past Relevant Work. A determination will be made whether you can still conduct your old work.
  5. Other Work. A determination will be made whether you can engage in other types of work.

Appealing a Denial with a Kansas Social Security Disability Lawyer
You should not be discouraged if the SSA denies your initial claim for benefits. The SSA is well-known to reject valid claims. Fortunately, with the assistance of a Kansas Social Security disability attorney, you can file a reconsideration and appeal of your application.

An experienced attorney has been through the process many times before and can help you gather the necessary documents and proof for your application. An attorney also knows how to work with doctors and other professionals to help you get everything you need.

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